My interest in how people, animals and plants live in various ways in this world fascinates me. Its the human mind and way of living I am curious about. I embrace and celebrate the differences between cultures, they inspire me by their colours, shapes, rituels and ancient wisdom. And for always: its the shape of nature wich keeps taking my breath away.

''As a child I always knew that the planet held many more secrets than the things I saw around me. Today I find my answers at the old wisdom of tribal people and in Buddhism. Here I switch from mind to body. I learn from the tribal people how the stars line out a choreography of hunting, planting, gathering and praying. How the passing of the moon and the coming and going of plants and creatures shape a living calendar. How landscapes are filled with power and songs, how we are a part of the fine order of the cosmos. Holding silence. Buddhist and tribal people go alone to the wilderness to ‘stop and see’. To renew their vision, to enter the mind ground, to hear the truth, to return to the knowledge of the extensiveness of self and the truth of no self.'' Joan Halifax – The Fruitful Darkness



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