My artworks are composed of collectings from nature and unique finds I discover during my adventurous forays. Wood, nomadic jewellery, old fabrics, anthing that intuitively caught my eye. These discoveries from ancient times and various cultures have their own story and soul. Assembling them together,  with paint, clay, wood or ceramics (anything to get my hands dirty) I create new objects, from which new meanings emerge. They become relics of a new world, each one unique.

During my search for materials to create my artwork, I find great objects for interior decoration. There is a growing collection of one-of-kind treasures from the most beautiful places.  All home décor items are handpicked by me on my travels, directly from the artisans. I try to bring home unique items, adding great feeling to your home by either practical use, some history or just their beauty.

In 2003 I graduated at the Academy of  Fine Arts Arnhem, the Netherlands. Currently I concentrate on creating new artworks at my atelier, making trips, collecting treasures, walk through nature, read books and attempt to live in the moment. I love meeting new people and work with collabrators who all share in our vision to take responsibility and knowing that we have choices. I Live in the wooded area around Arnhem, the Netherlands with Dennis, his son Milan, our dog Nuno, and cat Mimoun.

''Friendship, love, enjoying and creating beauty are the most important goals in my life''. George Edward Moore




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