• Dogon mask
    Dogon mask

    I managed to get my hands on this rare Dogon tribe mask from Mali. This type of mask is called 'The informant'. This mask represents a big bird and is used in the tribe to carry around messages about upcoming events and…

    € 225,00
  • Moroccan handira blanket
    Moroccan handira blanket

    This Handira -wedding blanket- is an original vintage piece.

    The handira are woven with wool and cotton and embellished with metallic sequins. According to ancient Berber traditions of the Middle Atlas Mountains, the bride wore a…

    € 375,00
  • Tuareg palanquin
    Tuareg palanquin

    Last summer I managed to buy just a few of those beauties in Morocco. Those approximately 60 years old palanquins both serve as luggage carrier on the backs of the dromedary and as cabinet stakes in the Tuareg tents. The wood is…

    € 140,00
  • Mali Senufo stool
    Mali Senufo stool

    This is an old stool from the Senufo people in Mali, directly bought from Malinese Mahamadou, who was especially proud on the nails in the seat and the meaning of the legs of the stool (meaning fertility).
    The Senufo are spread…

    € 160,00
  • XLarge vintage Moroccan Middle Atlas Kilim
    XLarge vintage Moroccan Middle Atlas Kilim

    Mid century modern vintage Kilim, woven by the Middle Atlas Berber. Geometric motifs fill this bold red Kilim, which is finely woven in wool. The motifs have all differences in pattern, telling a story all together. Each family is…

    € 950,00
  • Essaouira chair
    Essaouira chair

    Moroccan Rattan chair, handmade in Essaouira. Named after the cosy and laid-back seatown in mid Morocco, this chair brings a relaxed beachy feeling to your home.

    The size of the seating is approximately 38 cm x 40 cm. The height…

    € 129,00
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